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Ensurian Healthcare Sharing

ENSURIAN Healthcare Sharing

How healthcare sharing works

In today's markets, the cost of healthcare is constantly rising. Insurance premiums seem to be constantly rising, yet the healthcare appears to be diminishing. For those who are looking for an alternative, Ensurian Healthcare offers affordable options to meet a wide variety of healthcare needs.

Health sharing is not insurance. It is an alternative to insurance. It functions very much like insurance, but uses different terminology and individuals join together through a common bond or belief, and voluntarily share the cost of each member's medical expenses.

Healthcare Sharing plan features:

  • Telemedicine - members are able to speak to a doctor by phone or chat 24/7 (telemedicine) without paying a co-pay
  • US domestic cover for any nationality
  • Enrollment available throughout the year
  • Monthly contributions (premiums) are generally lower than that of traditional insurance

Plan choices to suit your needs:

  • Comprehensive
  • Catastrophic
  • Standard everyday plan
  • Interim medical short term plan
  • supplemental Dental/Vision
  • Basic Care

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DENTAL SAVINGS PLANS - for individuals, groups and families.

A dental savings plan functions a lot like a membership at a warehouse club. You pay an annual fee and get access to significantly reduced rates. And dental savings plans offer many benefits over traditional dental insurance. Things like no annual caps or limits and absolutely no paperwork.

Choose from 40+ different plans from the healthcare brands you already know and trust like Cigna, Aetna and more. We have affordable plans to fit any need and budget. And, depending on the plan you choose, you'll save 10% to 60% on your next visit.

Our plans cover more than 100,000 dentists nationwide. These quality providers have agreed to charge reduced fees on the dental services you need. So you'll get the quality care you deserve at a bigger savings than you ever imagined possible.

Networks are in USA only. Use the link to enter your zipcode and see which networks are available to you.

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